American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholarship Program


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American Chemical Society Scholarship Winner in the Library

American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholarship Program

This is the 7thin a series of articles on Scholarships for Hispanics; here you’ll learn about The American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholarship Program.The American Chemical Society Scholars Program offers up to $5000 scholarships to minority students, including Hispanics, that are renewable every year. This program is available for high school seniors, and college students freshman through junior years. Since 1994 the program has serviced the underrepresented peoples to allow them to pursue careers in the chemistry related fields.A few of the career choices include environmental science, toxicology and chemical technology. The American Chemical Society Scholars Program also assists students in obtaining skills and credentials that they require along with the education.

The process for obtaining the chance to be awarded these funds starts with the review of your application; looking at what type of academic record you have, what career choice you’re seeking, the actual need for financial assistance, if you are a leader and if you have taken part in any extracurricular or community service activities.With backing from corporations and organizations, donations have come to nearly four million dollars for the American Chemical Society Scholars Program and some of these entities also have summer research positions for students.

This type of assistance, along with the student mentoring give students an upper hand in landing a job in a chemistry related field. Faculty, industry leaders, members of the Foundation and volunteers offer the mentoring. It is highly suggested that students take part in an internship or research and to also attend meetings that have the subject matter based in the sciences.As you make ready to decide upon your career choice, consider the chemical science field of study. A lot can be done for yourselves and others in this field. With the backing that the American Chemical Society Scholars Program can give you, you have a strong chance of 100% success in your studies and your career.Never before has acquiring a college degree been so demanding.

The initial challenge is getting approved to the college of choice. Quite a few universities and colleges are experiencing a fierce competition for spaces as the number of college students attempting to enroll is growing each year. Possibly the most demanding issue is the incredible cost of a higher education. One significant factor which is adding to the enhanced college costs is the shift from four year degrees to 6 year degrees. This can be for various reasons including awful career planning or even picking the wrong college and need to change. There appears to be no end on the horizon for the major increases in the expenditures of college that has occurred. College scholarship grants can truly help with the difficulty. Learn to win the scholarship game and get our entire video series on college scholarships or grants at

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